People are your company's greatest asset

How do you protect organizational knowledge if they leave?

Over 35-million American workers quit their jobs just last year. Think it was just a temporary side-effect from the pandemic? Think again. According to a recent report by McKinsey, over 40% of current employees are planning to quit their job within the next three-six months.

People are the most valuable assets to your business. How do you prepare and plan if they leave?

Our online course, Knowledge Transfer, is an easy way your business can prepare and protect your most valuable assets, people.

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Knowledge Transfer Online Training

Protect your organizational knowledge


All employees benefit from a mentor/apprentice relationship. Our course teaches your employees how to establish an effective knowledge transfer program.

Easy to Access and Launch

Access our course online 24/7 on any mobile device or desktop.

In under an hour, employees have the knowledge they need to begin a knowledge transfer program.

Valuable Forms and Templates

Employees have access to forms they can use immediately during the knowledge transfer process and save them to use when needed.

What's in the Course?

  • Define roles in knowledge transfer (manager, mentor, apprentice)
  • Reduce frustration and misunderstandings by clarifying four learning styles
  • Write and prioritize a Knowledge Transfer Plan
  • Write a 5-minute Knowledge Transfer - Meeting Agenda Plan
  • Explain 3 steps of knowledge transfer
  • Recognize and celebrate successes
  • Establish best practices for managers
Knowledge Transfer

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